Salmon River Whitwater Rafting Trips


Jackson Hole ranch fishing hiking retreat

For The Salmon River You Will Need
  • Two piece rainsuit (preferred) or waterproof slicker
  • Sunglasses with safety strap
  • Sun screen lotion and insect repellant (insects are rarely a problem)
  • Towel and personal toiletries, including biodegradable soap
  • Flashlight with spare batteries and bulb
  • Socks - underwear
  • One pair canvas tennis shoes for wet wear on river, or other river shoes
  • One pair tennis shoes or other walking shoes for camp and short hikes
  • One sun hat or visor reasonably secure against wind loss
  • Long sleeve light weight shirt, and pants
  • Two short sleeve shirts or blouses
  • Two pair comfortable shorts and/or swim suit
  • Light jacket or windbreaker
Cotton and wool are still wonderful parts of our wardrobes, but if you've not yet discovered the warmth and comfort of new generation outdoor and leisureware, a modest investment in several such items for your river trip will enhance your life-style, long after your time on the Salmon. Tightly woven nylons like Supplex are soft and quick drying, ideal for river shorts and pants. Other microfibers can be much more wind and waterproof, yet breathable. And the soft, warm, itchproof family of fleeces, designed to wick moisture away from your skin, provide warmth when wet, and dry quickly, are available from thin microfleece baselayers to luxurious piles ideal for jackets, vests, pullovers, and pants. Weather during April, May, and late September is usually warm but less predictable. Participants on these departures should consider insulated rubber footwear, gloves, and warm layers of fleece.

You May Want

  • Binoculars
  • Pocket knife
  • Camera and extra batteries and an extra memory card. Additionally a small, padded, personal waterproof bag. Steel ammo boxes, Pelican boxes, and other hard exterior cargo are potential sources of personal injury to paddle raft participants, and should be carried aboard the larger sweep boats.
  • Fishing tackle, if you want to fish. (Nonresident license required. Cost: $10.50 first day, $4 each additional day. Collapsible fly rods or light spinning rods with protective cases are recommended.

PLEASE: NO GUNS, PETS, FIREWORKS, or DRONES. We request the use of personal music devices be restricted to personal use with earphones only.

We provide each guest a waterproof personal gear bag 26" x 20" x 14" deep for their personal clothing and equipment. On any extended wilderness trip, however, space is at a premium. The waterproof bag will accommodate your sleeping bag and air mattress (provided) which will require about 1/3 of the bag's capacity. With careful packing, the remaining volume will hold more than you think. Two or three small stuff bags or small duffels will be helpful in organizing your personal gear.

Provided river beverages include most popular brands of soft drinks, fruit juices, potable water, beer, coffee, hot cocoa, hot tea, and wine with dinners. Hard liquors are your individual province and responsibility. We will provide ice, and secure storage for your potables. For safety considerations we firmly require that the consumption of hard liquor be limited to evening camp hours. Beer may be consumed in moderation on the river each day.