Salmon River Whitwater Rafting Trips



Jackson Hole ranch fishing hiking retreat

All Inclusive River Trip Packages
Our logistical package includes many transportation and ancillary amenities not usually provided by other outfitters. The only items not included are hard liquor, fishing license, and fishing tackle. As a part of our package we offer access through two Idaho communities.

Boise is served by Delta, Alaska Airlines, Southwest, US Airways, Allegiant, and United Airlines. From Boise we arrange space with chartered air taxi services for flights between Boise and Salmon. Some weight and baggage restrictions apply for the air taxi portion of the trip.

For participants driving from their home to Salmon or who choose to to fly to a western location and obtain a rental car, the Salmon Option is most appropriate. However, rental cars can neither be obtained nor relinquished in Salmon. The Stage Coach Inn, where overnight reservations for the nights in Salmon are made, has a long term parking area.

Package includes

  • Round trip air taxi from Boise, Idaho to Salmon and return. (Boise Arrival Option)
  • Accommodations on the first and sixth nights in Salmon at the Stage Coach Inn
  • Restaurant dinners and breakfasts before and after the river trip
  • All camping equipment. (For camping trips)
  • Water proof personal gear bag
  • All river beverages (except hard liquor)
  • Jet boat return upstream on last river day, or scenic flight out of the canyon, depending on water levels
  • 4 nights river lodging (for lodge accommodation trips)
  • State and Federal taxes and fees