Salmon River Whitwater Rafting Trips

If you're unfamiliar with the river outfitting industry, selecting a river outfitter can be a little confusing. All outfitters want to present themselves to you in the best possible light. So how do you determine the relative quality of an outfitter when all the advertisements sound so great? As with many services and products, price can be deceiving. Salmon River Rafting Company is confident that if you take the time to compare us with other companies, you will find we provide unmatched quality and value. Therefore we've provided a chart to help you compare packages and value. Click here for a printable version of this page to do your own comparison.


Does the outfitter provide... Salmon River
Rafting Company
A variety of options for meeting for the trip? (In other words, has the outfitter, while designing their logistical package, considered your possible pre and post trip travel plans?) Yes  
Motel accommodations before and after the river trip? (Does the outfitter assume responsibility for arrival and departure accommodations?) Yes  
Restaurant dinners and breakfasts before and after the river trip? Yes  
All camping equipment? (Does the outfitter include the appropriate camping gear for the trip they are providing at no additional fee?) Yes  
All beverages except hard liquor? (Insurance companies prohibit our furnishing the latter) Yes  
A souvenir book on the history of the river? (Most outfitters are happy to sell you a book about the Salmon River. We provide the book as a pre-tip souvenir prior to your arrival.) Yes  
Sales Tax and ancillary Forest Service fees as a part of the trip price? (With most outfitters this is an additional expense to the client.) Yes  
Guides skilled in interpretation of the human and natural history of the river? (This is our speciality.) Yes  
Legal river craft? (The Jones Act requires commercial craft be manufactured in the U.S. Many outfitters purchase quality, less expensive rafts imported from foreign countries. The primary domestic manufacturers of inflatable river craft are Demaree Inflatable Boats [DIB], Maravia, and Aire. Our rafts are custom built by DIB.) Yes  

Compare Prices
Presented below is a chart to help you determine the actual cost of your river trip. What may appear to be a comparatively cheaper price may cost you more after you make expenditures for ancillary accommodations, amenities, and transportation arrangements. For simplicity, we have provided below the prices for our Salmon Arrival Option Lodge Accommodation trip packages. However, our summer camping trip packages are equally inclusive.

  Salmon River
Rafting Company
Typical Salmon
Rafting Company
Additional air taxi (Boise Option)Included $400 per person  
Motels before and after the river tripIncluded $150-$250  
4 nights River Lodge AccommodationsIncluded $900 per person  
Restaurant meals before and after the river tripIncluded $175 per person  
Abundant beverages Included$50 
Scenic air taxi flight out of the canyon on the last river dayIncluded $235 per person  
Forest Service Land Use Fee (3%)Included  
Recreation Enhancement Act FeeIncluded $20  
Salmon to Salmon

Boise to Boise