Salmon River Whitwater Rafting Trips

Corporate Seminars/ Team Building Trips
During all three floating seasons Salmon River Rafting Company offers trips specifically designed for corporate seminars and team building adventures on the Salmon River. Spring and fall departures allow the greatest flexibility to design a trip which most closely meets a schedule convenient for the corporation. However, if the group can adjust to the assigned launch agenda mandated during the summer, we will be pleased to design a departure during the summer season.

The cost for such trips are bid because the logistics are typically unique to each corporation. Most corporate trips follow our usual logistics but we can extend or abbreviate the river portion of the trip and arrange special chartered air taxi transportation. Most corporate trips provide single occupancy motel accommodations in Salmon before the trip and river lodge accommodations at least on the last river night. Often, participants will be flown directly from the river to Boise on the last day rather than return to Salmon.

Whether we utilize lodges each night or camp, time is designed into the trip to allow for seminars, discussions, or planning sessions. The advantage of a seminar conducted on the river is the absence of distractions which may inhibit group integrity when presentations are planned at hotels or conference centers. There are no telephones or televisions and cell phones do not work in the canyon. However, a moose, or other wild animal wandering through camp may provide a memorable distraction. The river and the paddle rafts offer a particularly productive milieu for team building activity. This activity requires participants work together to navigate the river and the activity is within the ability of nearly everyone. Additionally, to enhance the effectiveness of team building we encourage each paddler to take a turn as the "captain" during the trip providing each person an opportunity to lead as well as follow while working together. Of course, one of our experienced guides is on the raft to advise and assist the "captain" if needed. When the group size provides more than one raft team some competition will usually develop and "style points" may be awarded for particularly good runs through the rapids.

Over the past twenty years we have accommodated executives from numerous corporations, including US West, Common Wealth Health, Monsanto, Chase Manhattan Bank, Williams Pipe Line Company, Ryder Truck, Libby Owens Ford, Collgate Palmolive, Southern California Gas, Wells Fargo, State Farm Insurance, Cadillac, and AmerUs Corporation. We will supply references upon request.

Some corporations provide their own in-house facilitators while others contract with independent consultants. Salmon River Rafting Company has worked with several consulting firms and we will be happy to recommend consultants if asked.